International balance of trade

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Re: International balance of trade

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Blondie wrote:
the ones who explained A/FOA’s freegold theory, didn’t manage to convince me
I can speak only for myself, but I am attempting to convince no one of anything.
That would be pointless. People are only ever "convinced" when "new" information is in harmony with their pre-existing beliefs, so in this respect there is no other party doing the convincing... they either "convince themselves" or they don't.

I was attempting to outline my perspective only, as requested.
You appear to have a comprehensive "internal map of reality" already in place and fully operational, one that has no room for Freegold.
That's fine with me.

My Internal Map had every room for freegold !
And yes, the only one that can make the real change is oneself, I agree on that.

But there’s something missing here.
If you want to change an organization as a whole you simply have to take several issues into account:
1. How about the current and future system
2. How about the people who work with the current system
3. How about the board of directors, what do they really want

Well, A/FOA made propositions about changing the system by thinking out of the box. They assumed that changing the system alone, should change the people who work in/with it and they assumed the one’s in charge (politics) should automatically have to change also.

This simply isn’t true and it NEVER WAS in history. You have to teach the people in the system how to work with it and is that ‘mission’ accomplished ? The financial media still advocate against gold and only a very small group of people buy / trade physical.
True, I accumulate physical also and I’m sure doing the right thing, but that doesn’t make me a A/FOA freegold believer.

Maybe someday you can change the average people that are living in some current system, but to change the senior members (traders) in that system, you have to be really convincing and maybe threatening because traders are like snakes (and with traders I don’t mean simply moneymakers but REAL traders).
In my experiences with changing organizations there generally is but one solution in changing those senior members and that is a set of rules and regulations, setting boundaries. If you don’t they will draw their own boundary/s and that could be anywhere.
Now who’s gonna set those rules and regulations, I tell you, the board of executives is.
Now that raises a new question: ‘who is the board and are they willing to change ?’
I’ll tell you again, politicians are (and because of reasons mentioned before, CB/s are too).
Are they going to listen to freegold and do they really want to change something that is currently REALLY BENIFICIAL to them that won’t be anymore after freegold ?
I dunno, in the entire history they didn’t listen to anyone or any system and made the same mistakes over and over again, thinking they were the first ones making that mistakes. And 'whe the people' still belive in them or are forced to believe in them. New leaders, new promises ....same system.

If you want to change the entire course of the 5,464 kilometers Chinese Yellow River, there’s more to it but just digging one canal.

Guess were done for the moment. Our postings certainly won’t be in vain and can help others on their long and winding freegold road. Thank you so much for all the troubles you toke to explain the freegold principle.

Greetz, Indy
Everything that needs to be said has already been said.
But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.
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Re: International balance of trade

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Indy wrote: Thank you so much for all the troubles you toke to explain the freegold principle.
Thank you for your graciousness.
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