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The nature of things

Posted: 09 Dec 2011, 13:12
by Paul

really nice
analogy between spiders silk and classical music

in my views EVERYTHING is fractal, true science is about finding correct perspective

Complex hierarchical structures composed of simple nanoscale building blocks form the basis of most biological materials. Here, we demonstrate how analogies between seemingly different fields enable the understanding of general principles by which functional properties in hierarchical systems emerge, similar to an analogy learning process. Specifically, natural hierarchical materials like spider silk exhibit properties comparable to classical music in terms of their hierarchical structure and function. As a comparative tool, here, we apply hierarchical ontology logs that follow a rigorous mathematical formulation based on category theory to provide an insightful system representation by expressing knowledge in a conceptual map. We explain the process of analogy creation, draw connections at several levels of hierarchy, and identify similar patterns that govern the structure of the hierarchical systems silk and music and discuss the impact of the derived analogy for nanotechnology.