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The organization of this haystack will be done through a rolling thread. Every now and then, we submit a new follow-up thread.

We do this, because posting to just one single thread is not possible. And every posting in its own thread is also impractical. We solve it with a compromise. E.g. every month we start a new thread. The frequency might change as appropriate, e.g. as the postings in a single thread reach impractical proportions again.

The contents of the haystack is in essence the garbage can, as it can contain all postings which do not deserve their own dedicated thread. Everyone should feel free to start a new dedicated thread, e.g. to discuss a special event, topic, news event, technical analysis, or otherwise.

The advange of this method of organization, is that active threads will remain on top of the list. Then you can simply browse through, to see older topics, or just use the search function.

Questions and Answers are to be discussed in a separate Q&A section.
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