Great Smash - A sign of our times...

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Great Smash - A sign of our times...

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Hello there,

I found an interesting article worth reading. What I did find most suitable was the sentence:

For the first time in my life — I am 54 — I get the sense of what it must have been like to have lived in my grandparents’ or great-grandparents’ generation: in 1913, say, or 1937. One feels a great smash coming ever closer, almost in slow-motion, and yet there seems to be nothing that can be done to avoid it.

What leaves me with a dull feeling is that yes, we are ahead of the game. But we are still in the meantime preparing. We have not seen the smash yet, but we can see it coming...doesn't make life easier, does it? ... rkets.html
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Re: The Great Smash - An interesting reading

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That was interesting, cheers.
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