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Re: What's left of the 2016 gold rally

Posted: 03 Jan 2017, 16:42
by Gwyde
Gwyde wrote: Couldn't correct a typo anymore, so here's the paragraph again.

It is illustrative that, despite timid advances of precious metals since before XMas, miners showed resilience with the HUI advancing 7.9% over the short trading week (moreover despite sliding towards 2017 on Friday Dec 30). Gold was up 1.65% over the week, while silver only added 1.28%. The PGM's were mixed with Pt lagging with a 1.12% advance to $901 but Palladium showing more vigor: up 2.9% to $678.

Re: Haystack 2016

Posted: 19 May 2019, 02:39
by Gwyde
Willem Middelkoop 'The big reset' - revised edition -

"Real Vision is the video on demand platform for finance, where the world's best investors share their ideas. In this episode of the Gold series, Willem Middelkoop, founder of the Commodities Discovery Fund, dives into the history of monetary shifts and explores a scenario where the US dollar could be debunked as the global reserve currency. Willem discusses the possibility of gold being incorporated back into the monetary system, outlining the knock-on effects and the role of central banks in this scenario."

With the benefit of hindsight: his call of the bottom in gold mining was neatly timed: right at the start of what was going to be the major 2016 recovery.