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This is a free forum, dedicated to freegold. Through this site, Freegold Capital likes to encourage the freegold story, and give people a place to discuss freegold in its broadest context.

Especially to people new introduced to freegold, it is a concept difficult to grasp. To keep the threshold to a minimum, we allow people to discuss freegold in their own language. We start with a Dutch language forum as there is a big freegold practicing audience in the Dutch language region.

The administrator is happy to create other language forums as well, please ask in a private message.

We would like to ask people to keep an open mind, respect each other, and make the forum experience worthwhile with your postings. Everyone has a quality, which can benefit to this forum. We encourage people to enrich this forum with their quality and diversity. For instance, Admin appreciates fine art. An easy way to enrich the experience here!

As new user,
  • - We provide you an oppertunity to say hi. Please use the latest thread "New user introductions" in this thread.
    - Be sure to peek at the Forum Rules.
    - Know that your first 3 posts will be moderated. This is not to discourage posting, but simply to avoid forum spam.
    - For the same reason, up until your first 3 moderated posts, you can't send Private Messages.
Enjoy your stay at the Freegold Forum!

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