Predicting the future...

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Re: Predicting the future...

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Re: Predicting the future...

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KariZ wrote:Make room for the British... :lol: ... -heseltine
This is even better. Read the comments and you will see the dislike towards Euro that the Great British public has. ... ltine.html
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Re: Predicting the future...

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Reading comments is often more interesting as reading an article. With an article you have one opinion, with comments you have many. And often the comments are much less polished, more honest and give an impression what "the people" really think.

Keep reading comments and you'll often be surprised what the public thinks...

For above's article alone that e.g. is:

- "traitor"
- "V ....for Victory! "
- "Britons may have to fight to regain national independence"
- "Uncontrolled immigrants are running in. "
- "Failed politicians should be shelved."
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